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World-Class K-12 Computer Science Education In Every School, Throughout Illinois

CS4IL Is The ONLY 501(c)(3) Nonprofit In Illinois With Its SOLE FOCUS Being To Scale K-12 Computer Science Education Statewide




Educator Services

K-12 CS ED Implementation

CS4IL works with you on implementing computer science in ways that work for your setting.

Educator Support / Training

CS4IL guides you through the maze of Computer Science education requirements so you can get the information you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.


CS4IL collaborates with regional and national organizations on best practices for implementing computer science education.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be the source in Illinois for helping its teachers, administrators, partner organizations, industry leaders, and parents/guardians ensure a world-class K-12 Computer Science education is provided to every K-12 student, in every school, throughout Illinois.

CS4IL empowers Illinois educators, school and district leaders, parents/guardians, partner organizations, higher educational institutions, state agencies, policymakers, and industry professionals to prepare every current Illinois K-12 student for a future in which they are the creators of the technologies and innovations that will shape their lives.

We see a bright future on the horizon for Illinois to emerge as the national leader in preparing all students and teachers for a society and an economy already driven heavily by technology.

Computer science should be taught in schools because it has a positive impact on kids, who become creative critical thinking adults who will create the future.

Whether You Are in K-12 Education or Are an Industry Professional Looking to Help Increase the Computer Science Talent Pipeline, We Are Here to Help You!



Educator Services

K-12 Computer Science Education Implementation

In 2019, Illinois enacted legislation requiring every public high school in the state to offer at least one computer science course.

Effective 2023, every high school in Illinois will need to offer students the opportunity to take at least one computer science course. As educators in the field, we know at scale that access does not necessarily translate into participation. CS4IL was created to assist other educators with this heavy lift through customized implementation services.

 K-12 Computer Science Education Implementation Services:

  • Programs
  • Curriculum Setup
  • Camps

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Computer Science PD Week 2023 particiapants.

Educator Support / Training

Illinois offers a computer science endorsement for teachers, allowing them to demonstrate their proficiency and specialization in computer science education. This endorsement helps ensure that teachers have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively teach computer science to students.

The current CS endorsement offered to teachers with an active license is a 5th-12th grade endorsement. It requires completing 16 semester hours of college credit in the field and passing an endorsement exam. The difficulty for teachers who prefer to prepare for the exam on their own is knowing which courses to take as there are no course guidelines and the 20-question ‘study guide’ do not reflect the exam questions.

In order to walk educators through the confusing process, help them prepare for the computer science endorsement exam, and stay up to date on computer science education, CS4IL provides customized educational services.

Educator Support / Training Services:

  • We work in partnership directly with the Illinois State Board of Education
  • Education – Virtual, In person, and OnDemand
  • Custom Education
  • Teacher Licensure


Incorporating computer science into schools can benefit school districts by enhancing the curriculum, improving student engagement, preparing students for future careers, attracting students and parents, fostering collaborations and partnerships, addressing equity and diversity gaps, and providing access to grant funding and support.

CS4IL provides consulting services for educators and organizations in order to find the best way to incorporate computer science education, such as:

Consulting Services:

  • Collaborate with regional liaisons throughout Illinois
  • We partner with school districts and ROE’s
  • Collaborate at the state level


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Who We Are

CS4IL is made up of teachers, administrators, parents, and organizations that care how education impacts Illinois children. CS4IL is defined by its commitment to inclusivity, and so its leadership, its staff, and its corps of volunteers span every imaginable group of stakeholders with an interest to take action toward improving the future of our state and our children. CS4IL thrives on the service of a diverse and collaborative coalition of parents, guardians, K-12 teachers, K-12 administrators, and professionals whose service is represented by sectors as varied as academia, fellow nonprofits, curriculum developers, state and federal agencies, and state and federal policymakers.

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity, we rely entirely on the generosity and the commitment of the many passionate, forward-thinking individuals who join us in our belief that CS for All is achievable in every district in Illinois.

Join Us

Together We can Make a Difference


Any individual or organization with an interest in making a difference in Illinois is encouraged to join CS4IL. We continue to expand our coalition of elected officials, industry professionals, parents/guardians, K-12 educators, K-12 school and district administrators, college-level educators, academic researchers, advocates. If you have an interest in making a positive impact in Illinois, find out more below.


For interested volunteers, there’s a role here in our volunteer corps for you in just about any area you can imagine. CS4IL is as grassroots as organizations get; founded entirely by volunteers, we dug up the dirt, filtered out the rocks, fertilized the soil, planted the seeds, and watered them ourselves.. and that remains at the heart of what we do even today.

Have a talent for highlighting computer science education success stories in school districts in your region? Have some experience in working with nearby school administrators in growing their CS programs? Interested in creating, facilitating, marketing, or hosting a statewide event (like a programming competition or a hack-a-thon) to bring K-12 students together to learn more about computing? Have experience and interest in bringing your prior experience in leadership to a growing educational startup nonprofit organization with a track record of success and significant growth potential?

Whether you can donate a few hours per year, a few hours per month, or a few hours per week, there is a place for you, here, to make an impact that you’ll know can be felt. Contact us if you have a special skill or business willing to support the cause!

Call (847) 736-9651 or email

Click here to volunteer.


Making a difference can be simple – donating whatever you can, even a few bucks, will help us reach more school districts and provide services to a wider group of schools, teachers, and students around the state.

Not a social person but support our cause? Make a donation! It’s tax deductible and will help CSForIL expand our reach within the state.

Call (847) 736-9651, email, or click here to donate.

Partner WIth Us

CS4IL Partners help every Illinois K-12 school bring its students inspiring, inclusive, and innovative learning experiences in computer science. Experiences that leave students excited for more. Experiences that open new doors for students. Experiences that prepare students to be the innovators of tomorrow, today.

Partnership takes on several forms such as working directly in with schools, their leaders, their teachers, corporations, mission-alike non-profits, colleges and universities, curriculum developers, professional development providers, legislators, and policymakers.

Call (847) 736-9651 or email to find out how you can make an impact.

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Join the Coalition

CS4IL is comprised of a diverse community of groups and individuals, each of whom has committed to helping realize our mission of bringing a world-class Computer Science educational experience to every K-12 student, in every school, throughout Illinois.

Call (847) 736-9651, email or click here to find out more.



Join us at various events to show support and create advocacy groups within your region.

Why Computer Science Matters for Illinois

The Chicago-Naperville-Elgin metro area as among the top 20 “global innovation hubs”. Illinois is already home to a global leader in innovation in spite that a minority of K-12 school districts in that very region offer a robust computer science program. Illinois has become a global innovation hub by drawing talent into the region primarily from the outside which is a huge opportunity lost right in our own backyard.

Equity and inclusion lie at the heart of what CS4IL is, and what it does. Our work centers on our deep and continually evolving understanding of the current educational landscape in Illinois and its many distinct regions. Within this, we know that (as of October 2021) only 43% of all high schools in Illinois offer a foundational computer science course and only 4% of all high school students statewide are enrolled in a foundational computer science course. Illinois currently trails every neighboring state significantly in this regard.

Percentage of High Schools Offering Computer Science by Region

Source: as of October 2023


Illinois is Home to 1 of the Top 20 Rated Global Tech Hubs

Only 54% of Public High Schools In Illinois Currently Offer Computer Science Courses

Source:, 2022
Source: State of CS Ed Report,, October 2023

All IL high schools Are required to offer a CS course as of Fall 2023

0 Illinois Teachers Graduated Computer Science Teacher Preparation Programs In 2018

Data as of 2022

Students who learn CS in high school are 6x more likely to major in it

Women Are 10 Times More Likely to Major In Computer Science

Data as of 2022

The Average Computer Science Salary Is $107,579

In Illinois, There Are 16,396 Open Computing Jobs

Source: State of CS Ed Report,
Data as of October 2023

93% of parents want their child’s school to teach computer science

Only 6.2% of High School Students Took Foundational CS In 2021-2022

Source:, 2022
Source: State of CS Ed Report,, October 2023

Partners & Stakeholder

Below is a partial list of stakeholder partners already committed to serving as a part of our statewide coalition. We are frequently adding to this list, and we are always looking to add to it.